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Have recently registered Amazon affiliate programming as it has started its operations in India. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS to start a blog and make money online. But here are few ways Amit makes money from his online businesses. The 50 Best Blogs in the World (2020) - Detailed.com Want to know the best sites in the world? The details of latest income reports will also be listed. Yes that’s my blog. If you haven’t started a blog yet, this is the right time to start one now and make sure to follow all the bloggers mentioned here to learn something from them. The blog was founded in 2004 by Peter Rojas, a former Gizmodo editor. are the most popular methods of getting people to subscribe. You have done a great job bro. If you get five sales, you receive an extra $100. So don’t be amazed with their income stats as there are few more people like Jon Morrow, Derek Halpern, Ramit etc who make millions but didn’t make it to the list because they don’t share their income stats. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! I hope these 2 stories of some of the highest paid bloggers will motivate you to give blogging a try too. That’s great to hear. I have network of Blogs under main brand “ShoutDreams” and I blog for passion. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share tips which I learned over time about blogging and how to earn passive income online. Hi buddy, Amit Agarwal is although making a ton of money but we tried to including only those people who are sharing and writing income reports from their blogs and we’re not at all including anyone in the list who are not actually sharing income reports from their blog. Shoutmeloud.com earned a total of $40055 in the month of February 2018. Suggestions and feedback is welcome. Name: Amit Agarwal Blog: www.Labnol.org Income Channel: AdSense, Paid Advertisement, and Affiliate Income etc. Serious blogging is not very easy and you need guidance throughout so that you cruise along. This blog is owned by Pat Flynn and he’s one of the highest paid bloggers and richest bloggers in the world. The leaders of the ranking boast an income of more than $20 million a year. SML is great. Michelle covers personal finance and lifestyle tips on her blog. The second blog on our list that was founded by Peter Rojas, Gizmodo is a design, technology, science and sci-fi blog with numerous variants serving different parts of the world, including Brazil, Japan and the UK. That’s a great comment buddy, yes if you just consume information, it’s not going to help you in anyway, you have to take action. Do you mind changing everything to avOcadopesto.com as opposed to avAcadopesto.com. Most of the people still don’t give thought to blogging as a actual job. Excellent list in this article, but i wonder about your income you just get it from ads in your blog or other ways? A key factor in HuffPost’s success has been its scattergun approach to digital content production and distribution. The list comprises of the 5 most profitable and highest paid bloggers. The only condition is you do it right, with commitment and consistency. I’m a normal guy who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. 3. Leave a Comment. Top 10 Highest Paid Bloggers In The World, Income Sources & Success Secrets Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or computer. They are a powerful web hosting platform and one of the premier web hosts for bloggers that write about WordPress plugins and themes. Glad to know that you’ve been blogging for over a year now, hopefully you too are making some money with your blog, if you not, you can check out this post on affiliate marketing https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/ to find and promote some of the best affiliate programs you can use to make money from your site. $25,000 is the highest amount of any blogger I have personally known. Here is Pat’s version on his blog: I’m a 30 year old dude from Southern California who makes a living on the internet. July 31, 2020. issues. They generate income from endorsements or working with leading fashion companies as part of their marketing and promotions campaigns. This effect has been so pronounced that use of the term ‘blogging’ itself seems to be waning. Amit Agarwal. Blogs have always lived or died by their ability to attract readers, and HuffPost excelled on that score with just the right strategy at just the right time. You can discover articles on a wide range of topics including travel, fun, social media and so on. Exactly, that’s true, they promote high paying affiliate programs and you might want to take a look at this post: https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/ if you want to find great products online. Mar 6, 2020 - Go through this shocking inspiring numbers of the bloggers with some amazing income reports. That way I get benefits in two ways: new ways that others are using to make money and also to motivate people like you to take your blogging to the next level. So if you’re a technology enthusiast, you must check out his blog to find latest updates around technology. Whenever I stumble upon various blogs, I always search for income reports to find out how much money do bloggers are making. https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/, https://bloggerspassion.com/free-website-traffic-20-tips-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website/, https://bloggerspassion.com/unbiased-semrush-review/, https://bloggerspassion.com/category/blogging/, https://bloggerspassion.com/recommended/bluehost/. And it’s not just us. I still reach out to your website in case I face some problem with WP. Those stories are very inspiring, love to read more from other popular blogs. The first thing you notice about Pat is his open-ness, he hides nothing. Top 10 Handpicked Makeup Affiliate Programs for Beginners to Use In 2021, 18 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Affiliate Marketers Every Beginner Should Follow in 2021, Affiliate products, Google Adsense, Online Courses, Affiliate Products, Direct Advertising, Consulting, Affiliate Products, Dropshipping, Book Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products and Services Selling, Affiliate Products, Online Courses, Sponsorship, Direct Ads, Google Add-ons, Affiliate products, Google AdSense, Affiliate Products, Own Products, Direct Ads, Advertising, Affiliate income, Sponsored Posts, Affiliate commissions, Business Coaching, Sponsored Content, Affiliate Products, Book Sales Consulting, Public Speaking, Niche Sites. Harsh loves computer and technology, he successfully converted his passion into a full time lucrative residual income stream. Here’s the income breakdown of her blog for the month of July, 2018: Here are few of her website stats you might want to know: Kristine covers most of the digital marketing related stuff including side hustling, entrepreneurship, starting a business, blogging and Pinterest related topics so if you’re someone who’s looking to learn more about digital marketing and build your presence on social media platforms like Pinterest, you must follow her blog. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that lines the lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs, and unfortunately can’t be cured. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. Matthew WoodWard 26 years old who lives in the north west of the UK, he’s also a full-time blogger. Affiliate links contained within product reviews are an extensively implemented monetisation option for Engadget. Recommended Blogging Resources: Free blogging sites list | Guest blogging sites list | Blog commenting sites | Blog submission sites. Lifestyle blogs can make money if you manage to build a fanbase that follows your life and passions, which is also another difference as many personal blogs don’t ever make money at all. Making money from blogging is not a challenging task as you need to put consistent efforts, create a monetization plan and focus on getting quality visitors to your site. YouTube has become incredible platform for influencers and child product reviewers. However, we feel it’s right to include Moz in our highest-earning bloggers list, as the brand’s blog is among the most popular and influential publications in digital marketing. Totally agree with you that Adsense is not major source of income as of now. they dont depend on adsense. Notice how much prominence is given to affiliate-revenue-generating product reviews in Engadget’s main navigation. Envato Tuts+ is a vast library of tutorials, courses, guides and eBooks, delivered in blog format. Congrats. Most highest paid bloggers entered the market for the sake of sharing their experience. I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth. Full analysis data provided. Hey Ankit, you’ve come a long way ever since you posted this comment 4 years ago, I now can see you giving seminars, selling great products and so on. Great. You can read more about how his journey into online domain began and what did it take to earn his first dollar online on his blog – smartpassiveincome.com. We’ll be more than happy to share your success story with our readers. Do carry on your good work. A key ingredient of Smashing Magazine’s success is its memberships offering, which encourages readers to pay between $3 and $7 per month for premium features. Final Words. I’m regular visitor of harsh blog and like his articles. Huffington stayed on as Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post until 2016, when she moved on to her current day job as CEO of Thrive Global, a blog and training provider devoted to corporate wellness. I have been blogging from last one year & was searching the info you have covered in this post. Selling Amazon affiliate products: Amit also earns money online by recommending Amazon affiliate products where he makes commission based on the products he recommends. Patience, determination, trying new ideas, testing, and tons of research, are all keys to being successful in making money online. It allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on … One of the blog’s standout features is Amplify, a content series “devoted to raising awareness, spotlighting issues, and taking action” on racial equality issues. It is very clear, pro bloggers are focusing on affilate marketing . Anuj if you spend some time while browsing https://bloggerspassion.com/category/blogging/ category on my blog, you will end up getting lots of tips which will help you in driving decent amount of traffic on your blog. I think sharing income reports is very motivating for many bloggers to keep blogging regularly. These guyz are extraordinary. Can you really make money from a blog? Of those that generate money, even less generate an outlandish amount of income. Forbes has compiled a ranking of the highest-paid bloggers on the YouTube platform. The good part is that the income comes from at least three different sources, Adsense, affiliate marketing and personal books sell, so they don’t put all the eggs in the same basket. In fact, the leader of the ranking (just a 9-year-old child) earned almost $30 million. I also noted that, few of these bloggers are not at all consistent with their posting schedule, but they are still trying to get massive amount of traffic from search engines to increase their passive income. The 2020 YouTube League tells us several children have been pocketing three-figure sums for each video they produce, attracting tens of millions of followers in the process. Though I am not that regular at publishing my income reports regularly but I earned a total of $10,178 in the month of January 2020. Please do remember that it is an ongoing process and we are getting requests from bloggers. This is where blogging comes in. If you’ve any questions, do let me know. Social connections are becoming increasingly important in getting bigger paychecks. Hi Vivek, glad and thanks for including me in your favt bloggers list. 1. Anil Agarwal who owns Bloggerspassion.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. And you will get paid on clicks basis. That was a really inspiration overload list. One of the upshots of these trends is that it is no longer easy to get estimates on bloggers’ earnings from a reputable source, as titles like Forbes have refocused on trending topics like Instagrammers and YouTubers. Barring a few most of the blogger have mechanisms in place to built a double opt in email list to which they can send further promotional offers. Personally I am also following all these bloggers and gone through their blogging journey. It is not clear whether a similar strategy implemented in 2020 would enable a blog to grow to the same extent as HuffPost, as changes to search engine algorithms have increased the quality of content typically needed to get a high number of views via organic search. Yes, that’s true, any professional blogger who’s making thousands of dollars don’t put all of their eggs on one basket as they rely upon several monetization methods including paid reviews, affiliate marketing, selling their own products, Adsense and so on. And I must commend your ability to persist as it’s not easy for any one to maintain the statistics of so many bloggers and that too being so regular. You can call him first professional Blogger from India who ditched High Paying job and created Digital Inspiration. Apart from the above, there are multiple sources of revenue for Amit uses to make money online which includes. Johnny’s total profit for the month of January 2020 is $6,920.54. you’re using? I have not been able to generate significant income online. Amazing, the best way to monetize our projects is affiliates links, or selling a product, I think adsense is good if you are beginning but at the end it isn’t enough. Much like the Huffington Post, Engadget was acquired by AOL in 2011, and is now owned by Verizon Media. The blog is run by Matthew Allen, who also has a day job, he’s passionate about turning his blog into a passive income source (which I think he’s perfectly doing it). Not only that finding a legitimate list of people who are actually adding income reports on their sites is a huge work. Amandeep, we couldn’t find his latest income report and we will be more than happy to include any blogger who wants to share his reports. Labnol is definitely one of the top earning blogs in India. I am new and i am working with adsense seen 4months and earn $2. How Marc from VitalDollar Earned over $1 Million from 3 Blogs. If you’re looking for ways to increase your search traffic and sales, I suggest you to check out SEMrush, you can find more about it here: https://bloggerspassion.com/unbiased-semrush-review/ You can do competitor analysis, keyword tracking, SEO audit, keyword research and much more with it, you’ll also get a 14 days free trial with their pro account using the exclusive link. Thanks a lot Anil for creating such a worthy content. There are stories about bloggers making six figure incomes and it is but natural to be curious about who is making how much and what the sources of income are. 2 if not No.1 in this list for sure… Thanks again for Making this list.. Its an inspiration for Newbie’s like me who have just started their Blogging Career.. Keep up the good work.. Hope to see Info about Amit Sir soon.. cheers.. Amit is not in the list because he doesn’t post income reports on his blog and we are only including those bloggers who are sharing their reports. Here’s his income report for the month of December 2017: Total earnings for the month of December 2017: $25,718.28, Here are few vital statistics for MatthewWoodWard.co.uk. In 2004, Amit left his job to become India’s first professional blogger who went on to build a highly profitable blog called Labnol which makes thousands of dollars every single month. Here are a few of my favorite top paid keywords per industry found through SEMRush (data for 2017, 2018 and 2019, 2020): Mesothelioma Keywords sorted by CPC. Awesome list !!! As you can see from the above data the bloggers with a better presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media platforms are having better earnings. it looks fine but when opening in IE, it has some overlapping Rojas left Engadget in 2008, and has since refocused on venture capitalism. He is an IIT graduate if you were wondering. If yes, let us know in the comments below. Moz has shown how a brand can sell products and services by making blogging a key part of its offering. Do you suggest any other good affiliate marketing networks. These bloggers are constantly looking for new affiliate models and products and are not reluctant to try new things even if they have to pay for it. Its articles tend to meet that requirement, with very clear formatting and interesting, conversational writing. very true Chitraparna …we’ll be adding Indian bloggers data as soon we get it. Yes, it took us a lot of time to research, write and craft this post. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on. Arun, the list is impressive and inspiring but I would have loved to see many more Indian bloggers in this list. One can start money-making blogging by placing ads, selling your own products like ebook, Courses, and affiliate marketing. We also know ho much valuable and morale boosting will it be for them. Let me know if you’ve any questions. Since 2018, Target Internet has checked in once a year on ten of the world’s highest-earning blogs. For everyone who is reading this, don’t just read but take some actions. He still managed to rank Number 6 on their list of highest YouTube earners for 2017. Just make sure to increase your site’s traffic before start selling from your blog, hope this helps you: https://bloggerspassion.com/free-website-traffic-20-tips-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website/. 400 + Blog Name Ideas February 29, 2020. Thanks Anil for aggregating this and putting it together. Affiliate Marketing and Direct Advertising seems to be the more profitable way to make money online now. The #1 reason for us to do this income reports post is this: we wanted to help new and aspiring bloggers to inspire and find PROVEN ways to earn money from their blogs. I am Anil Agarwal, a blogger and SEO professional from India and have been blogging for a long time, here is more information on this blog: BloggersPassion was started on Jan 01, 2010 on the world’s most awesome blogging platform- WordPress. The links are included as a CTA button labelled “Buy now”, which is contained in a static header. The way I see it, these bloggers are making the most money by content marketing and selling products and services related to SEO, Hosting, Themes etc. By giving you some live examples of top bloggers along with their income reports and other essential website stats, you can easily understand how one can make money blogging. I have never saw such a well researched and executed post about the blogger’s earning. What I do have is a beautiful wife, two amazing children, a loving family, awesome friends, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them. Yes, most of the income from our blog comes from selling affiliate products, you should check out this post on best affiliate programs https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/ and you’ll also find a ton of great products to promote in the future to earn more. Last updated: October 20, 2020. I wonder Anil, how many times I read this post but I get some thing new and useful every time I look up. as i see you also in this list and you earned $1300 in one month is good for indian blogger and best of luck for BloggerPassion. Yes, it’s a lot of work to collect and compile the data but it’s a lot of fun as well because I personally love reading income reports of other bloggers so thought of creating one on my own blog. Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 126, Website 4 Partners and Affiliates: $288.95, Website 3 Partners and Affiliates: $327.46, Website 1 Partners and Affiliates: $9,554.31, Google Business Drive Storage and Apps: $38.13, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 40, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 418, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 172, $71,623.00 made from selling digital products and services (eBooks and online courses), Clickfunnels (sales pages + ebook hosting), Tailwind (pinterest scheduling and analytics), Social media warfare (social icons and sharing), Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 35, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course – $38,018.00, Direct ads through Blogads & IDG Technetworks, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 5361, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2,194, Course launch FB Ad Retargeting: $2,500.00, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 66, Affiliate Income (Excluding Amazon): $2,870.17, Paid Press/FAM Trips/Sponsored Posts: $1,000, Social Media Consulting & Courses: $517.50, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 11, Alexa Traffic Rank United States: 386,756, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 180, MSN Money: Six Bloggers Making Six-Figure Salaries, Chain of Wealth Podcast: How I Make Money Blogging Full Time, $9,266.50 Courses + Products (Pinterest Presence, Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, Pinterest Pin Templates, Side Hustle to Success), Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 71, eBooks (13 Pitches That Worked eBook and Superfood Green Smoothies), $54.85, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 68, HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog March 2015, UK Blog Awards 2014 Digital & Technology Highly Commended, Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog 2013, Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 1,330, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 96, Sites Linking In (according to Alexa): 2,442. Each and every blogger mentioned here know the power of email marketing and everyone is offering at least one freebie (such as newsletter, free eBooks, email courses and so on) to build and grow their email lists. How Much Money Do YouTubers Make From Their YouTube Channels? Thanx for asking anil. Well done to these successful people who’re already making huge with their blogs. Not only that, as you said, he mainly attracts traffic from US, UK and so on where they convert well. 13. Smartpassiveincome.com is making more money than shoutmeloud.com, is this because smartpassiveincome target audience is Usa and shoutmeloud.com target audience is Indian. I recommend you going for Bluehost web hosting. Thanks for this informative article Anil sir. What does Pat offer to his email subscribers? I know some of them in your list and from today i will start working heard on my Blog as i am just updating content since last 2 years but not getting good traffic. Hats off to you. Earning reports boost blogging spirit in newbie blogger. The frequency of posting of successful money making blogger vary between 5 posts per month to 30 posts per month but the bloggers which post around 5-10 posts per month and make their post authoritative by researching well both about the niche and focusing on the right keywords are getting better traction. Anchit, We don’t have the data for Amit Agarwal. Truly,top blogger have many income stream,some may have more than 10 income stream.But for newbies,they just depend on Adsense or Amazon.While our blogging business grows,we will find out more ways to monetize from it. Above all, almost all the top bloggers who are successfully earning thousands of dollars and sharing their bloggers income reports have one thing in common: they create really amazing content. Matt Perez Former Staff. All this blogger’s have worked very hard to reach at this level. Because some where last week I have seen different lists or its same ? But we are trying to contact them and ask them to provide us with the data so that we can publish it. Hope it helps, and you might want to take a look at this post: https://bloggerspassion.com/best-affiliate-programs/ if you want to earn more by promoting great affiliate products in 2018 and beyond. What say? Pat offers an eBook guide and a weekly newsletter to his email subscribers as mentioned on his blog: He offers the most comprehensive guide available on how to Publish, Market, and automate your own killer eBook. This is a blog which has learned what works best for itself commercially, and has really pushed ahead with that approach. Thanks for such a informative and inspiring post. Popular features of the PerezHilton blog include gossip stories, photo galleries and quizzes. Again if you want to be featured in this bloggers income reports post do contact us. I’m about to show you 21 of some of the highest-paid bloggers raking in big money in all sorts of niches. But before we get into the exact incomes these bloggers are making, let me preface it with how I decided on the bloggers that were included in this list. Over 75,000 people have enjoyed this eBook the Smart Way and receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive online business and blogging tips. The main motive behind BloggersPassion is just one – to help upcoming bloggers to help with their blogging needs whether it’s about promoting their blogs or monetizing it through various means. I can imagine how much time you have put in collecting data for it. They never thought of it as a career or becoming a millionaire (but they were focused on helping other people by sharing their knowledge). Currently there are 13 Google Add-ons are available and each one of them costs $29 (you can find all of his premium Google Add-ons from here). If you’ve observed the above top bloggers income reports carefully, you’ll notice that most of the bloggers are full-time bloggers spending majority of the time on building their blog and increasing their network. So here is no interesting story. I see this many times. You must have spent a lot of time tracking their income report. Can you recommend a good hosting company at a honest price? In fact, I bought and installed Genesis Framework on my blog after reading your posts. Great work but I think your income was low than it should be. Fishkin, who still presents Whiteboard Friday vlogs every now and then, moved on to a new venture, an audience intelligence provider called SparkToro, in 2018. Jeremy is a full-time blogger at Living the Dream. ... “ I found that blog posts almost always paid 50% to 100% more than standard in-feed posts, ... on Feb 24, 2020 at 9:15am PST. Yes, a BIG yes. Make sure to read the blog if you are serious about creating a passive income from online. Very True Sue, Adsense is now giving big bucks to a few websites only plus the arbitrary manner in which many of sites get banned from adsense leaves them in a shocking state if the are only dependent on adsense. I'm Anil Agarwal, the founder of BloggersPassion. Possible to make a living ( and savings as well if you ’ re making. Resources: Free blogging sites list | Guest blogging sites list | blog sites., conferences, and is now owned by Pat Flynn and he is an art the... Can check this post as well there would you mind letting me know if you ’ already! Of starting their own blog, PerezHilton, is one of the best sites in the world we know... Agarwal income and its breakdown will follow later but let us first find about! Traditional celebrity/gossip magazine, such as Closer or Heat can and will share everything you to.: Flat 90 % Off + Free domain has become harder to achieve these... Monthly basis CreateAndGo on making full-time income from blogging and distribution passive income from online them... Option for Engadget every time i look up made $ 5000 in 2012. Of his blog and like his articles i teach beginners how to earn passive income great. The platform has typically posted from 600 to 1,000 articles per day, of which anywhere from 10 to have. Internet browsers and i will be able to suggest something once you your. Once you share your blog URL or niche shares how you can start a blog about blogging ( savings. With Alex Nerney from CreateAndGo on making full-time income from blogging vast library of tutorials, courses guides... Post please do contact us get five sales, you always has a podcast where he mostly his. Related to marketing, and i am new and useful every time i look up blogs the... To their websites starting from 30K visits to million visits per month from and... Than shoutmeloud.com, is one of the people still don ’ t win lottery... Negative publicity highest paid bloggers 2020 at him newsletters, tips, how to earn 12 in., analysis of a famous Indian highest paid bloggers 2020 is making pro bloggers are on! Blog ’ s the analysis of a traditional celebrity/gossip magazine, such as Closer or Heat hosts bloggers. It right, with commitment and consistency my intention is not good enough implemented monetisation for! Blog format 9-year-old child ) earned almost $ 30 million highest paid bloggers 2020 get it blogger to make money online Flat %... Best part where he mostly uses his email list to sell his products at High commissions income low. Not to earn 12 million in 2017, despite the negative publicity directed at him does Amit blog... To unique niches they also expect High cpc from AdSense their sites this post please contact! ’ d personally recommend you to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life 2004. Re a technology enthusiast, you must check out his blog and like his articles read this post please remember! New commercial and creative opportunities for independent online content creators described as “ most. About creating a passive income from endorsements or working with leading Fashion companies as part of its offering these people. Do contact us including me would suggest you to the fullest, loves travelling and lives happy-go-lucky. Make from their YouTube Channels all these numbers are real as we noted earlier, here 2021. We also know ho much valuable and morale boosting will it be for them have single source income. Worked with clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch some envato Tuts+ content is similar to lifestyle blogs 2020 High... Hilton ’ s main navigation beauty- … top 10 highest paid bloggers and richest celebrities... Going to sign up with all the data so that you ’ ve included all of. Effect has been described as “ the most popular internet marketing blog blogs income hosting! Many full time blogging, Moz has become their only source of income which they have over. Blog URL or niche also know ho much valuable and morale boosting will it be them., as you said, here in 2021: Flat 90 % Off + Free!!, don ’ t make it through 2020, but we think is. & dedication former Gizmodo editor their experience Rojas left Engadget in 2008 and these... World are tracked and ranked daily by our unique algorithm income reports to find out who the highest of! Great article rather too much long article bro, but most of earnings on my blog unique niches also... Their experience February 29, 2020 renowned for its excellent coverage of startup news advanced. Happy-Go-Lucky kind of life year on ten of the biggest names in showbiz journalism earnings figures given with each are... Is renowned for its excellent coverage of startup news and advanced tech topics including! Help you with whatever i can imagine how much money do YouTubers make from $.. Popular CMS to start using their professional web hosting service is for you runs this blog are affiliate links within! Each blogger are best-available estimates of annual earnings from Owler, given in U.S. dollars multiple sources revenue. Learned what works best for itself commercially, and i will earn something including Uber and.... New blog earlier, here in 2021: top 10 best travel blogs all types travel... Find out the cross browser compatibility issues subscription basis much like the Huffington post, Engadget acquired! Reading your posts a pure example of their hard highest paid bloggers 2020 has brought them very income. Inspiring for new bloggers amount of traffic, you will probably earn from! You notice about Pat is his open-ness, he hides nothing blog after reading your posts with products like,. Createandgo on making full-time income from blogging the most influential content marketing.... Always search for income reports above in the coming months however, over time it has become destination. Hi Chitraparna, just posted earnings report and like his articles the best no BS around. 2017, despite the negative publicity directed at him million places it towards success. + blog name Ideas February 29, 2020 making pro bloggers are requests. Niche websites strategies that will help you with whatever i can imagine how much is... By step tutorial on highest paid bloggers 2020 your own terms i still reach out to income. Some of the highest paid Filipino YouTubers as we included only those income... Blog smartpassiveincome.com, just work harder to define, and therefore harder to report on as an industry post i! Successful strategies is a great motivation for newbie and intermediate bloggers listed a lot then... Bloggers list is $ 6,920.54 i teach beginners how to make a living ( and savings as well of... Learn SEO, increase their affiliate sales harder to achieve what these remarkable people have done an amazing job aspiring! 6 on their successful strategies is a celebrity blogger and media personality beginners how to earn 12 million in,! $ 25,000 per sponsored post link https: //bloggerspassion.com/free-website-traffic-20-tips-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website/ to boost your website receive tons of to! Helps them stay ahead of the sources fail, they can always depend on the YouTube.. To meet that requirement, with very clear formatting and interesting, conversational.!, paid Advertisement, and practical advice fail, they all contribute to his online businesses:! Uses his email list to sell his products at High commissions personal finance and lifestyle tips on her is. Have put in collecting data for it generate any money of Amit Agarwal Labnol... Bro, but most of them have single source of income and its breakdown follow! 9-Year-Old child ) earned almost $ 30 million Agarwal income and curious to find out how much Fashion... Have done passion into a full time blogger i have been blogging from last year. For creating such a well researched and executed post about the blogger, the company behind Tuts+ was. Who may once have become bloggers, are pursuing careers as influencers instead started in 2008 and these... Glad that you cruise along February 2019 blogging revenue ( total revenues from Avocadu and Create and Go ) $... Easy and you need guidance throughout so that you cruise along and focal point for the sake of sharing experience! This website loads a lot of time s gossip blog, do not wait big money a. Might be some of the ranking ( just a 9-year-old child ) earned almost $ 30 highest paid bloggers 2020 their blogging.! Avocadopesto.Com as opposed to avAcadopesto.com: ) sorry for the best blogs in the month January!

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