I’m going to keep this simple – if you’d like to order a photo, you have three choices:

  1. 8×10 glossy photo
  2. 16×20 poster
  3. high-resolution digital image

The photos will be cropped and color corrected to my standards and aesthetics – which means they probably won’t fit 8×10 or 16×20 proportions. So, the photos will be printed on the size paper you request, but will match proportions shown on the website.

High-resolution digital images will also be cropped and color corrected. Purchase of one grants you the right to make prints on your own, any size you wish, as many times as you want, but for personal use only. The image retains my copyright. That means that if you get picked up by a rich sponsor, for example, they can’t use my picture to promote yourself. But you can have your agent give me a call.

Digital images will be sent by e-mail, so be sure your email account will accept attachments. There are no handling and shipping fees for digital image transfers.

To order an image, identify the Image ID, then contact me