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According to, famous Photographer Alex Strohl's net worth is $1 Million - $5 Million. Isaac had brought every kitchen accessory known to man in what came to be known the BOMT, "The Box of Many Things." Gruppo di Brenta. I think the lake froze!" Cadre. He couldn't believe we had such a massive house to ourselves, either. At Alex Strohl and Andrea Dabene’s Nooq House in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana, highlights include a suspended fireplace, cathedral ceilings, and expansive windows. He is from Spain. It was like watching a Great Dane trying to ride a penny board. I stumbled upon his adventure blog——and after exchanging a few emails we hit it off and went on a handful of trips together. I split the remainder of winter between long mornings of work (editing photos, conference calls with clients, building presentations) and afternoons of play. In choosing a nature art print for your home, the size, color, theme, and momentum of a given print play major roles. Introduction Madrid-born French photographer Alex Strohl is a true globetrotter. Every morning at breakfast, the same topics came up in conversation: When will it snow? "It is a generous thing to give guests an experience they will remember for years to come—a slice of calm in their busy lives.". We were having an all-too-familiar discussion of where we'd go next. We spent many days soaking in Isaac's homemade "hot tub on a rock," interspersed with icy dives into the frozen Swan River in his backyard. A dining area is located in one corner of the living space. We spent the afternoon reading there, alone but for each other's company. Bouncing from rental house to house every few weeks, Isaac was able to put us up until summer—the busiest time for vacation rentals. Each of the guest bathrooms are finished in the brightly colored tile. One cold February morning, we dragged over-packed canoes through knee-deep snow to the shores of Hungry Horse. We didn't expect the small town to be quite so alive. I asked Isaac if he'd ever paddled there and camped. As noon arrived, we decided it was time to go. Alex Strohl Studio was established in 2012 by photographer & director Alex Strohl. Alex a vraiment su créer son propre style et s’entourer de belles compétences en vidéo. Personally, I find an adventure truly fulfilling when I experience a healthy dose of fear. In mid-June, we boarded our flights to Paris and went on to travel across eight European countries, from France all the way to the northernmost part of Norway. Chamonix. Avec sa conjointe, il parcourt le monde, des États-Unis, son nouveau pays d’adoption, jusqu’aux lieux les plus reculés de la planète. But when I was in the woods, I never thought about the city. "We knew which details were important to us," comments Andrea. No one knows this better than Alex Strohl, an adventure photographer who moved to Canada from France aged 19 “to explore a new world”. What I find…” After dinner we made some photos of the stars and turned in for the night. Background Information about Alex Strohl. Lately, like so many others, they've been staying close to home—swapping a life on the go for the solitude of their Scandinavian-inspired cabin in Whitefish, Montana. Justin Barton. The lake is enormous—so big, in fact, that "you can see it from space," as the locals say.In fact, I don't remember much about that entire trip, except that neither of us used a cellphone nor a GPS on the entire trip. Justin Barton. I can't recall the specifics of our conversation, but I remember an issue: we were eyeing large houses to host all of our friends, but Isaac and Benji had trouble convincing the owners to let us stay rent-free. Our time was well spent between lazy picnics along alpine lake shores in Glacier National Park, a few hikes on the trails that were still open, and a ton of photo stops in between. Le photographe Alex Strohl originaire de Madrid est un photographe et entrepreneur français. The larger the aperture the more light hits the camera sensor. your own Pins on Pinterest Andrea's father)—objected to camping on an island in the middle of February? Cette maison est composée de deux niveaux dont le premier est habillé de bardage réfléchissante. But Rishad was right, the lake had frozen over. Among the most memorable outings was skiing to the top of Apgar Mountain for sunset over Lake McDonald and Glacier National Park. À propos de l’œuvre. We took photos of those regular sessions and that little tub became something of a local gem. Collections — Alex Strohl Studio. We sell very limited quantities of prints every year, they … The drive from Vancouver to California, 2014. (Blame these preconceived notions on shows like Entourage.) We slept like the dead after a nine-hour drive from Seattle. A lens works the same way. "I don't see a network...""Well, shit. Sabine Wild. your own Pins on Pinterest Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. Apr 25, 2013 - Our Insta Fav #30 is Alex Strohl, a 23-year-old French photographer. Soon enough we were all huddled around it, enjoying a hearty dinner of couscous and skillet grilled sausages. View fullsize. Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. Ultimately, Isaac let with a plan to convince one of the owners who had a 7,000 sqft. On a dreary November morning we packed our vehicle full of our belongings and headed East toward the Rockies. Be the first to see our latest home tours, design news, and more. I remember thinking, how was it that no one in our well-rounded crew—Isaac, Morgan, Rishad, my college friend visiting from France, Julien (Buchowski), and guest of honor Olivier Dabene (a.k.a. Le studio d’architecture Reform, basé en Pologne, signe le projet de « Izabelin House ». By way of France and Spain. Andrea and Alex shortly after construction wrapped in 2019—marking the end of a long journey to secure financing on a freelancer's income and design the home they'd imagined. Ultimately, they both wish to share more of the place and serenity they've come to love. Discover (and save!) It broke in small chunks. We decided to pack up camp and wait it out. "What we found alluring was how much [the Vega cottage] contrasted with the mountain range while blending in at the same time," she adds. It was one of my first excursions with local legend David "Powder" Steele. His photography has been featured across the world, and his list of collaborations are teeming with household names like Apple, Google, Land Rover, Arc’teryx, and on and on. The Nooq, Andrea Dabene and Alex Strohl's house got published on Dwell Magazine. We looked up some rentals online and found a company called Montana's Best Vacation Rentals, and they happened to have an Instagram account. He couldn't believe we had such a massive house to ourselves, either. Andrea asked, breaking the silence.I told her I had no idea. In no time we were back at the cars, loading up the gear, happy that we pushed through as a team. Lean limbs of natural ash form the tripod base of this modern floor lamp with a subdued, geometrical silhouette, set off perfectly with a white linen drum shade and white cloth cord. We had a blast. Through the lens of Alex Strohl. HANDWOVEN IN MEXICO BY THE WOMEN OF OAXACA   Featuring an of-the-moment palette of moody, saturated hues, this area rug can’t help but turn heads. It was a nice place: out the living room, the Madison River; to the North, one house about a mile away; to the South, nothing. wood_0026. Now, I'm not exactly sure how it all happened, but after seeing Isaac on the phone before starting our ascent, we soon heard an engine in the distance. 16 févr. Des réalisations, des documentaires, des conseils, des vlogs… Tout est vraiment soigné et de qualité. (Back in those days it wasn't common for small businesses to use the app.) Seeing Montana for the first time in my life. Related Reading: Stacked-Wood Walls Tie This Eco-Friendly Camp to the Montana Landscape, Photography: Alex Strohl and Andrea Dabene / @alexstrohl and @andreadabene, Initial Architectural Sketches: Jeremy Oury, Finished Architecture Design: Montana Creative, Interior Design: Andrea Dabene / @andreadabene, Construction: Denman Construction / @denmanconstruction, Lighting: Schoolhouse Electric / @schoolhouse, Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles: Fireclay Tile / @fireclaytile, Bathroom Cabinetry and Tubs: Wetstyle / @wetstyle. When we woke, we only had one thing on our agenda: a meeting with Isaac Johnston, manager of the vacation rental company that would host Andrea, myself and a cohort of our best friends throughout the winter in the Flathead Valley.We met Isaac and his co-worker, Benji Poffenroth, at the local coffee shop, Montana Coffee Traders. Jan 22, 2016 - 74.7k Likes, 1,218 Comments - Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Instagram: “Mornings at the cabin, thinking about all the places out there that we have yet to see. Continually blurring the lines between work and life, he captures authentic moments as he traverses the globe. Morgan and I took the lead while the other crew rested, and inch by inch we trudged through. National Geographic. Discover (and save!) We swiftly walked to the shore to evaluate the ice—if it was thick enough, we could walk back on it; if it was thin enough, our canoes might break through it. Justin Barton. Apr 25, 2013 - Our Insta Fav #30 is Alex Strohl, a 23-year-old French photographer. We dug holes in the snow, anchored our tents and set about gathering wood to make a fire. Informations de fond sur Alex Strohl. Would that be the last time we do this? Andrea adds, "We’ve moved a lot the past few years and having my own home was all I wanted.". He set up quarters in one of the lower level bedrooms near the cinema room. "The perception is that to build a successful career as a creative you need to be in cities where you can 'connect with clients,'" says Alex. Thankfully, I was wrong. Biography. Wanting a clean interior aesthetic with minimal ornamentation, the couple also spent a lot of time searching for light fixtures, as well as tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms. Join Facebook to connect with Alex Strohl and others you may know. Seemed simple enough. The interior light fixtures are from Schoolhouse Electric in Portland, Oregon. Think of is your iris when you turn the bathroom lights ON in front of the mirror. We were all dreading the first day of March when our stay at the Bigfork lodge ended. "Welcome to Montana." The world is visual, social media as we know it was barely starting, and a lot of people were getting in line to have their piece of the cake. Snow Laden Tree in St Giles House Park. The famous beach scenes by Tommy Clarke quickly enliven any room. Alex Strohl has well over 2 million followers on Instagram and a growing YouTube channel. Funnily enough, Isaac had taken the hot tub somewhere else weeks ago! "It will take a few years to line it all up, but it will be unlike any other property in North America," says Alex. Rudolf Rother. Our weeklong trip in Northwest Montana had left quite an impression on us, and it kept coming up in the conversation. I'd float in total silence except for the ripple of the canoe. All of their bathrooms are furnished with Wetstyle products. Dec 22, 2018 - It's all about coziness ↟ Cabins, camping & nature On the last week of October, Andrea and I made plans to head North for the weekend to see Glacier National Park before it closed for the winter. While it sounds unreasonable to some, it made perfect sense for me. Originally hailing from just outside of Madrid, Spain, Strohl now calls Whitefish, Montana home. When high season arrived, we'd be on our own. Feb 26, 2019 - 97.2k Likes, 657 Comments - Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Instagram: “One of those damp fall evenings in the rainforest, drying out in front of the campfire..” It was the spring of 2009 and I was on a cross-country road trip with a college buddy named Marco. We only had two days to get a feel for it before we have to cross back into Canada on our way west.Growing up I heard countless stories from my dad who—for what now feels like fortuitous reasoning—studied forestry in Missoula in the 1960s. They moved into the upper level bedroom, adjacent to the bar and entertainment room. Informations de fond sur Alex Strohl . And vice versa when it gets dark. The backsplash is clad in ceramic tile by Fireclay, contrasting with wood cabinetry and black quartz. I felt bad for her, but we enjoyed the area thoroughly, so we started looking for land of our own. your own Pins on Pinterest He and Benji seemed confident, so we took off to run errands, hoping that our faith was in good hands. About two weeks later our friend Morgan Phillips joined us. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Email. You think you have a good grasp of an area because you like maps or enjoy getting lost on random trails; but no matter how much work you put in, there's a local out there who has been doing it for way longer than you. With adventure in his eyes. Alex Strohl is a Madrid born, French photographer, adventurer, and avid home barista. It's often felt in situations where if you f*ck up, you might die. That's Montana hospitality. 79.3k Likes, 1,381 Comments - Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Instagram: “LIFE UPDATE. Quite a lot, actually. The couple saved photos from that trip, collecting other examples as they prepared to design and build the house.

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